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Blood donation can save 3 lives

Why Donate Blood?

You have probably seen this before posted around town.

“EVERY 2 seconds someone in the US needs blood.”

That someone can be your child, your parent, a neighbor, your friend, the person you sit next to on the bus everyday or even your favorite pizza delivery guy. Or by some stroke of bad luck, it could be YOU.

The need for blood in medical emergencies and in treating sick patients is a major problem our community faces right now. A blood transfusion is the reason why a mother survives giving birth despite a complication, a severely wounded soldier continues to live after losing blood in the battle field and a 10 year-old child continues to live to fight cancer another day.

They can not do it alone.

Help thousands of people who need blood, rescue 3 lives with just a pint. Roll up your sleeve and donate blood! For such a small act, why resist saving lives?

No other gift can be of more value than the gift of life.

Who needs blood?

If you have never needed a blood transfusion in your life, then you may not really understand the importance of blood. But people whose lives have been saved by blood transfusion perfectly know how a pint of blood goes a long, long way.

Chronic illness, surgery, trauma emergencies, infections; these are some of the health issues of people who need blood to survive. A town of 500 eligible donors can save up to 1500 patients, what more if each state had every eligible donor donating?

The demand is real…

Here are common uses of your blood and how much is required:

  • Heart surgery patient
    6 units of red blood cells and 1 platelet transfusion
  • Liver transplant recipient
    20 units of red blood cells, 25 units of plasma and 1 platelet transfusion
  • Cancer patient
    8 platelet transfusions per week
  • Sickle cell anemia patient
    2 -10 units of red blood cells per treatment
  • Bone Marrow transplant recipient
    20 units of red blood cells and 25 platelet transfusions
  • Trauma victim
    50 units of red blood cells

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More great facts about donating blood…