Insurance for the blood supply.
Prevent deaths in your community.


What is is a public blood registry connecting compatible donors. Registering with will give you the piece of mind that you are part of a network of local donors that you can tap into at any time.

Blood shortages are becoming commonplace all around the world and so our mission is to create technology that enables everyone to have a safety net of local compatible donors via desktop computers and mobile devices.

Where is located?
Our worldwide headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado. USA. Specifically we are located at 283 Columbine Suite #146, Denver, CO. 80206

What is’s organizational structure? is registered as a 501c3 nonprofit charity under the United States tax code.

Why is a 501c3 nonprofit?
We chose a nonprofit organizational structure to provide a great service that can remain free, and not have the pressures of profit corrupting the integrity of the mission.’s public blood registry is one of the world’s first social media networks that is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Who runs
BloodBanker is currently run by a team of unpaid volunteers that believe in the mission of a sustainable blood supply.  Learn more about the mission and the people behind it at,

Can I join if I am outside the United States?
Yes, the registry is open to all of Earth’s citizens.

Do I need an email address to join?
Yes, currently the only requirement to join the registry is an email address.

What if I don’t know my blood type?
Our system is great, but the main thing we need is your blood type so we can match you up with compatible donors and give you all that juicy information about your blood type that you want (ie, foods that are best to eat, exercise types, and celebrities with your blood type). So if you don’t know your blood type we recommend you get tested. More here:

What sort of security do you have in place to protect my personal information? takes security EXTREMELY seriously. We have gone above and beyond the call of security and have implemented 256-bit encryption with salt for ALL information we store in the database. So not only do we protect your password from hackers, we encrypt your email, blood type, and location.