Insurance for the blood supply.
Prevent deaths in your community.


How it works

1. Join the Registry

Receive 1000 BloodCoin and a custom-made BloodBot avatar.

2. Give Blood

Put a date on the calendar and get more BloodCoin.

3. Request Blood

Spend BloodCoin and notify your neighbors when you need blood.

4. Have Fun

Play games and complete quests to add more BloodCoin to your account.

Home Page

You can do a lot of things here:#1 Make a difference by making a donation.
#2 Get to know us on “About Us”
#3 Logging in in the “Registry” using your Facebook or Twitter account
#4 Request an Invite
#5 Logging in to the site
#6 Watch the video and discover why vampires need not apply
#7 Meet a group of people of same blood type as you are. Join the International Blood Registry.
#8 Browse the US & Canada blood centers in “Directory”
#9 Take some time and read up on blood donation


Want an invitation? It’s easy as 1-2-3.First, input your email address on the rectangular box
Second, click “Request Invitation”

And you’re done, simply wait for the confirmation in your Inbox.

Login Page

Welcome!To start exploring this website,

Please input your email address, password and click submit.

Dashboard Display

This is your dashboard displaying all the sections to

  • YOU: Learn more about your blood type (1st column on the left)
  • PEOPLE: Request blood from compatible donors in the community (middle column)
  • PLACES: Give blood to a local blood bank. (3rd column on the right)

Give Blood

Are you qualified to donate blood?
If yes, why not give a pint and save 3 people?
How?Just use the directory section to find the nearest blood bank.

1. Select the center of your choice
2. Choose a date of your donation, and that’s it!

You’ll earn 500 credits for donating blood!

Request Blood

Need blood for yourself or others?
The “Request Blood” section allows you to ask people with compatible blood types to donate.
The system shows you up to 10 people sorted by who is the closest to your location.

Invite Friends

Invite your friends and family to join the network.
Click on “search contacts” and you can choose to send invitations to a number of people from your list.